My flight was late, teetering on the edge between life and death. I closed my eyes and considered existence, suspended in this space. My toes hooked on cold brick as I clung facing the abyss. I couldn’t jump. Held fast by the wings of night, I just couldn’t take flight.

About: This piece was my final submission in the YeahWrite Super Challenge #18 where all work had to begin with the prompt “My flight was late.” Additionally, each submission had to be exactly 50 words. I was disqualified for changing the the period after the prompt to a comma.


  1. as always you do not disappoint Julie Kusma : ) .. all the words have been used but will say them again .. Brilliant, Amazing and just downright talented in the way of word ..thank you for sharing… need more!

  2. I ft was interesting pice I have never see or read a price like it but as I said it was interesting

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