Sea of ABCs

Written by Julie L. Kusma and Derek R. King

Who said learning the ABCs couldn’t be fun? “Sea of ABCs” a picture book for children 0-8.

D is for dolphins with a whistle, each uniquely their own.

Sea of ABCs

Well, learning the ABCs just got more fun, and more educational too, as each letter of the alphabet names a type of aquatic life and provides one or to cool facts about that creature like how crabs can walk in all directions but only run sideways.

G is for giant squid with the largest eyes anywhere.

Sea of ABCs

Beautiful vivid watercolor images of seaside or ocean scenes with their attention to detail will delight the imagination of children and adults too, as young children learn the alphabet and a bit of marine biology too.

Add “Sea of ABCs” to your budding biologist’s bookshelf and discover the wonders of the ocean alongside your children!