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Pigglety Pigglety Poo by Julie Kusma


Pigglety Pigglety Poo is a cumulative tale with a formula-predictive pattern featuring a menagerie of silly animals. First, a purple pig in a petunia patch. Next, a few monkeys mucking about, maybe a frolicking frog or two, and the next thing you’ll know is you’re in the middle of the wackiest, wildest animal caper ever. Each line builds into an increasingly deeply-nested nonsense verse full of alliteration and repetition. It’s a fun Read-Aloud story beautifully illustrated by none other than the talented Jane Jago herself and edited by the gifted Jill Yoder. 

This non-rhyming cumulative tale is for ages 3 to 6. It is comparable to other cumulative stories like “The Lot at The End of My Block” and “And the Robot Went.” As well as classics like “The House That Jack Built,” “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,” and “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Release date: May 01, 2021

Illustrations by Jane Jago

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