We Three: Search for Source

written by Julie L. Kusma

Ready to be spellbound? Join the Trinity Witches on their enchanting journey!

In this captivating second book of the Ipswich Chronicles, journey back to Salem, Massachusetts, and join the three girls, Penelope (Penny), Samantha (Sam), and Katrina (Kat), as they discover their true identity as witches. But not just any witches; they are the Trinity Witches.

“This book is a must-read for anyone looking for an enchanting and captivating story. Multi award-winning author Julie Kusma’s writing is both powerful and thought-provoking, as she presents a story of three sisters finding their way in life. With a mix of past, present and future events, the narrative will draw you in and keep you hooked from the beginning to the end. Magical powers, teenage growth and a beautiful writing style all combine to make this book a truly remarkable literary journey and an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for an immersive and impactful story, don’t miss out on this mesmerizing book.”

Amazon 5 star review

As you follow them through time, you’ll witness two sisters reuniting with a past love and attempting to restore magic after the damage caused by the Great Sleep. However, they soon realize that nothing is as it seems, not even their memories.

Book Two of the Ipswich Chronicles

A beautifully woven tale of three teenage sisters, growing into themselves and each other while at the same time, coming to terms with their burgeoning mystical, magical powers. Set against a backdrop of past, present and future events, author Julie Kusma weaves yet another highly engaging and transfixing tale which is utterly believable. It is a literary journey which is one to savor.

Derek R. King, award-winning author & poet

This beautifully woven tale is a “grimoire disguised as a novel,” sure to captivate your imagination. Readers have described it as a highly engaging and transfixing tale that perfectly knits together the main plot’s intricacies and subplots. The author has done a fantastic job writing this book; you won’t be disappointed.

Start with Book One below and let the Ipswich Chronicles bewitch you!

Book One in the Ipswich Chronicles

In “The Crooked Crone,”

Three sisters, all witches, are forced to end their decades-long estrangement after one of them, the Crone turns on a former classmate, and her actions lure her dark-souled sister

to her location, and threaten the rising of a dark trinity of supernatural powers.

Their oldest sister, aware of the darkness emerging, transports Annie, a teenage girl who has sought her help, to The Crooked Crone shop in an attempt to stop the wickedness. When the two sisters reunite, their powers merge into a mystical beacon.

A mermaid turned siren- an Egyptian queen resurrected- a possession- a school of angry haints, a time walker, three witches verging on the edge of darkness, and a teenage girl with supernatural powers of her own.

The Crooked Crone & Other Mystifications takes you on a magical journey through the unknown.