Julie & Derek

Exciting collaborations are in store as we, the Queen of Horror and Derek R. King, the Noir Guy explore both our darker and lighter halves and the creative endeavors this gives rise to…

The Darker Half Series

A series of gothic poetry and fiction in a variety of styles. Each volume, beginning with Volume 13 and descending, ultimately to Volume 1, covers a range of themes, moods, and tones associated with The Darker Half of our personalities.

The Darker Half, Volume 13 (October 7, 2021)

The Darker Half, the first in a new series by Derek R. King and the Queen of Horror, Julie L. Kusma is a collection of gothic All Hallows’ Eve poetry. The timbre of each piece flows from dark comic humor to the macabre with many twists along the way.

Presented in a bespoke format with each poem accompanied by its own unique art reminiscent of the woodblock style.