“Holoi ‘ikepili [Ancient Hawaiian Philosophy Ho‘oponopono] Words to Release & Cleanse”

“Holoi ‘ikepili [Ancient Hawaiian Philosophy Ho‘oponopono] Words to Release & Cleanse” delves into the transformative power rooted in the heart of ho‘oponopono. Embrace the essence of holoi ‘ikepili, the Hawaiian term for ‘delete data,’ as it guides us to reconcile perceptions and ‘make right,’ liberating from negative emotions within our subconscious mind

Transform your life by unlocking the power of Ho’oponopono

Julie Kusma

Unearth the profound impact of unconsciously accepted beliefs, igniting unwanted reactions obstructing our desired life path. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a renowned psychologist and ho’oponopono expert, challenges norms and illuminates the transformative concept of ‘making right’ perceptions, realizing our external experiences reflect our internal realm.

Embark on a journey of ‘release and cleanse,’ resetting your subconscious mind to its purest state, a transformative process of erasing to ‘zero.’ Immerse yourself in “Holoi ‘ikepili,” where ancient Hawaiian wisdom resonates, guiding you to unlock untapped potential. Embrace insights and artful imagery for inner peace.

Dive into Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len’s teachings and ho’oponopono philosophy, embarking on a self-discovery journey. Walk through the gateway to a life free from negative beliefs, nurturing a harmonious, fulfilling existence envisioned in your dreams.

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