Storytime for Grownups Anthology Series 1 and 2

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This all started as something fun to do during covid-19 isolation & to promote positive mental health; especially for those isolated alone… it turned into so much more… Moomii’s Storytime for Grownups showcases indie & traditionally published authors of various genre & writing styles from around the world. This is a wonderfully dynamic group of authors from different backgrounds, experience and abilities. Moomii’s Storytime for Grownups is a Twitter and YouTube based narrated video project that is co-produced by Jacqueline Belle Poems and Guru Art Lifestyle Entertainment. Moomii’s Storytime for Grownups Series One and Two Anthology includes short stories and poems by authors: Barbara Avon, Jacqueline Belle, Cheryl Burman, Kathleen Cranidge, Stoney deGeyter, David DeWinter, Jon Hart, Margaret Lindsay Holton, Karen Honnor, Jane Jago, Julie Kusma, Melinda Lucas, Sallie Moffitt, Val Ormrod, Bella Rayne, Romston, Carol Sheppard, Shylovedheart, Doug Stuber, Melony Teague, Duncan Wilson, Albert van der Steeg, W Rix Victory II, Jill Yoder; Series Three Sneak Peak Authors: 3Mind Blight, GQuinnRogers. Moomii’s Storytime for Grownups… where stories come to life.

I have four stories published in this anthology: Angel, New Mummy, Awaken, and Pumpkin

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