The Enchanted Winter Faerie Realm

Written by Julie L. Kusma and Derek R. King

In this second volume of the Enchanted Realms Series, “The Enchanted Winter Faerie Realm” continues where “The Enchanted Faerie Realm” left off, with more fun, light-hearted poems about faeries and their world. Breathtaking imagery adorns each page displaying magical, wintry landscapes.

Every snowflake

that gently falls

is as unique,

my dear,

as you are.

The Enchanted Winter Faerie Realm

Additionally, introductory poetry— including the elements of a poem, poetic devices, and rhyme schemes expand the concepts presented in volume one of the series’ ongoing poetry guides. Also, two coloring book pages and a space for emerging poets to try their hand at writing poetry.

Add “The Enchanted Winter Faerie Realm” is your child’s bookshelf and let their inner poet emerge!

“…the imagery you project with each poem is beautiful. I felt immersed in a glistening winter faerie land.”

Jill Yoder, Editor