Unchaste, Vol 11, The Darker Half Series

Unchaste, the third in a new series by Derek R. King and the Queen of Horror, Julie L. Kusma.

Love is truly an enigma. No two human beings experience it the same—especially when two consenting adults chase after the most amorous moments of sexuality. This book takes you on a journey of the instinct of human connection. As a bee usurps the nectar of a flower, so does the heart seize the soul.

This poetry melts as golden honey over every inch of your mind. The words will gently caress you and give you permission to dream naughty scenarios with your partner.

You will find yourself breathing deep, sighing often, and daydreaming of lovemaking. Every poem lights the way to emotional, spiritual, and physical pleasure. Unchaste is the perfect book for your Soulmate or the ideal gift for your Forevermore.

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