Jaggy Little Babies

written by Julie L. Kusma & Derek R. King

All children have the occasional nightmare and think there are monsters in the closet or under the bed. Derek R. King and Julie L. Kusma offer your children a unique perspective to calm those fears.

They’ve written a book that turns the monsters of the night into playful child-like pranksters who only want to be your night-time buddy.

Each page and verse in Jaggy Little Babies presents a vivid scene of silliness and fun. Jaggy Little Babies are sure to create mischief from stuffed animals to building blocks and bedtime baths.

If you remember sneaking up on your siblings and scaring them from behind, you’ll love the references in this book to those sibling practical jokes. Tickling feet and poking holes in your socks are only a couple of the sneaky pranks the Jaggy Little Babies pull.

This book ultimately helps children see those imaginary monsters as their playful protectors rather than the dangerous and mean creatures in the corner.