Audio Shorts

Here you find select short stories and poems written by me and recorded for your listening pleasure. If you’ve already read the story, the audio with the narrator’s voice adds a whole other layer. Enjoy.

Thunder Mountain

“my favorite so far” “your voice was perfect” “you are amazing” “felt like I was listening to a movie”

“your story blew my mind and so did your voice” “pure audio magic” “very entertaining” “love it” “I love your accent”Fascinating and captivating! This is awesome. Great work.”


“So unique. Thrilling.” “Edgar Allan Poe; creepy and scary”

“Hauntingly bittersweet. Brilliant.” “So many layers of so many moments”


RESTRICTED 18+ Video Horror: Graphic Violence

“Great stuff!” “Absolutely perfect!” “Palpable” “Even the air she made scary”

They from the “Dear J” Letters Parts 1-5

“Intriguing” “Beautiful, Brilliant, and profound” “Fantastic, as ever”

The Merwitch of Milkweed Flats

“Bravo” “excellent story brilliantly told” “I love this story”

Story by Julie Kusma/Voice by Jacqueline Belle/Produced by Daniel Lacho SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel HERE

Something supernatural triggered an unusual expression in Miranda Scott’s DNA. She has no idea why these changes are taking over her body or what they mean. But strange physical transformations have pushed her to her breaking point and she needs help. Miranda seeks out an old friend, but the woman known as the Crone may not be her friend after all. 

A Lover’s Silence


Moving and haunting. You won’t soon forget this audio short poem! Author Julie Kusma’s poem shares the heart-crushing blow of a lover disappearing without warning or explanation. The video, created by Daniel Lacho of #GALECrew, weaves a modern-day Juliet vibe through the author’s words and creates a juxtaposition with this problem as old as time. 

Voice: Jacqueline Belle Twitter @JBelle_Poems

Produced by Daniel Lacho Twitter @GuruArtOfficial

Poem by Julie Kusma Twitter @juliekusma


“spellbinding and heartbreaking” “once again, BRAVA!” “What a terrific tale”

“gorgeous writing and beautifully spoken”

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“Crimshaw Payne was Crow…” and had to face the undeniable truth about her existence. Either she lived out her life in solitude, hiding in the woods, or she passed herself off as a member of the nearby community. She made her decision, but when prejudice and hate chased her thru the woods, she found the Great Spirit within and forever altered her fate. Time: 12 minutes 21seconds

Voice: Jacqueline Belle @JBelle_Poems on Twitter


“Haunting” “Outstanding” “Heartbreaking” “Suspenseful” “Spectacular”

“I love your story” “Julie’s writing is consistently wonderful”

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Lynde’s daughter has a condition that prevents her from leaving her room. As long as she tends to her child without too much fuss, Lynde’s new boyfriend won’t even notice. Except, Lynde doesn’t have a daughter. Time: 10 minutes 41seconds

Voice: Jacqueline Belle @JBelle_Poems on Twitter


“A great story” “WOW, great write!”

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In a parallel universe, a boy plays a forbidden game. He finds himself stuck in an unfamiliar place just like his mother warned. Time: 11 minutes 28 seconds

STUCK THAT WAY is the title story in my collection of paranormal, supernatural, and horror short stories. For more information CLICK HERE

Voice: Alex Kusma @BCZ115 on Twitter