Amore: The Lighter Half, Volume 2

written by Julie L. Kusma and Derek R. King

Prepare yourself to be swept away in a love affair with love itself. You will find yourself diving into the deepest oceans and climbing to heights that you never knew existed.

Love poems are some of the most intimate when it comes to poetry. Amore, The Lighter Half, Volume 2 will make you blush; make your heart realize what it yearns for. Each poem brings you closer to the sweet surrender of the heart.

Your toes will tingle, your soul will soar, and your state of mind will change. This book will make you believe in the concept of forevermore. You will understand that to be spiritually and emotionally entwined to another is the best kind of magic.

“Look at this gorgeousness of a cover. Simple, yet sublime.” Julio Carlos @Julio_reviews

A sample from Amore narrated by the authors…