Alpha. Cosmogony. Cosmology. Existential. Existence.

A poetry collection designed to spur the imagination and ignite deep-thinking on becoming—emerging—being. Ponder the philosophical implications of each poem by award-winning authors and poets Derek R. King and Julie L. Kusma, as each poetic piece asks you, like the Latin word extistentia itself; to become, be, arise, emerge, come out, and appear.

Deep within the depths of our beings lies the eternal quest for understanding, for unraveling the mysteries that surround us. And ‘Alpha’ is no exception. In its quest to uncover the meaning and purpose of our individual existences, this profound journey takes us on an extraordinary exploration of self-discovery and self-realization.

As we embark on this transformative odyssey, ‘Alpha’ gently guides us towards the realization that we are not merely isolated beings drifting aimlessly through life, but rather, we are interconnected threads woven intricately into the very fabric of the universe. It illuminates the subtle threads of connection that bind us all, reminding us of the profound truth that we are not alone, but rather, part of a greater cosmic symphony.

Through its profound exploration, ‘Alpha’ invites us to contemplate our unique identities, encouraging us to dive deep into the wellspring of our innermost thoughts, emotions, and desires. It beckons us to embrace our authentic selves and harness the power within us, recognizing that our individual contributions, no matter how small they may seem, hold immense significance in the grand tapestry of creation.

At the heart of ‘Alpha’ lies a profound message of unity – a gentle reminder that despite our differing paths and experiences, we are all interconnected. It reminds us that there is a shared human experience that transcends borders, cultures, and languages. As we delve into the pages of ‘Alpha’, we embark on a collective journey of self-discovery, embracing our own identities while recognizing the shared essence that unites us all.

This book is so profound in its search for the meaning or purpose of our existence or be(ing)…a powerful reminder of our unique identities, but it also shows us that we are part of the same energy—we all share in that. What makes us an individual also makes us partners in creation.

Jill Yoder, Editor

In a world that often emphasizes division and separateness, ‘Alpha’ serves as a powerful antidote, restoring our faith in the interconnectedness of all things. It kindles a sense of compassion, empathy, and understanding within us, allowing us to see beyond the surface-level differences and truly appreciate the beauty of our shared humanity.

So, dear reader, let ‘Alpha’ be your guiding light, your companion on this profound expedition of self-discovery and interconnectedness. Allow its wisdom and insights to expand the horizons of your mind and awaken the depths of your soul. As you immerse yourself in its pages, may you be reminded that amidst the infinite cosmos, there is an intangible thread that connects us all, forever weaving us into the intricate tapestry of life itself.

Join us on this profound exploration of self-discovery, identity, and our place within the universe. ‘Alpha’ is a poetic masterpiece that will ignite your imagination, spark deep contemplation, and leave you with a renewed perspective on the beauty of existence.