written and designed by Julie L. Kusma

Introducing “Squeak!,” a delightful picture book specifically crafted for curious young minds aged 0-5. This charmingly illustrated book takes children on an exciting journey through the whimsical concept of time, cleverly intertwined with rhythmic and nonsensical verse. Each page is filled with vibrant illustrations and imaginative storytelling, fostering linguistic dexterity, igniting their creative spark, and instilling an appreciation for both rationality and the joy of imagination.

“Squeak!” not only captivates young readers but also aids in the development of essential phonics skills and word blending. Through the clever use of “nonce words” – playful, invented language – children are invited to engage with the story, enhancing their mastery of sounds and letter combinations. Prepare to be charmed and delighted as you dive into the enchanting world of “Squeak!,” a truly mesmerizing experience for both readers and listeners alike.