Meditation CDs

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Unbind: 7 Chakra Opening Meditations

Created and written by Julie for a chakras/yoga workshop, these seven meditations remind the soul of its divine path through the frequency of the music and the words chosen.

Want to feel more SECURE? Listen to Track One: Root Chakra. Feel guilty about ENJOYING life? Afraid to feel? Listen to Track Two: Sacral Chakra. What about you sense of POWER? Do you feel in charge of your life? If not, listen to Track Three: Solar Plexus Chakra. How about SELF-LOVE? Do you have enough? Listen to Track Four: Heart Chakra. Do you speak up for yourself? Have you found your VOICE? Listen to Track Five: Throat Chakra. Afraid of the unseen or never see what everyone sees? Want to connect to your HIGER SELF? Track Six: Third Eye Chakra. Want to hear all culminated into one UNIVERSAL crowning message? Track Seven: Crown Chakra. 


Listen to Track 1: Root Chakra featuring the music of Alan Roubik

Shift: 11 Perspective Changing Meditations

Created and written by Julie. This collection of guided meditations helps shift your perspective away from the mundane, away from problems and worries and instead, toward healing past wounds, and opening your heart. These meditations shift you toward wholeness once again.

Each of the eleven tracks targets a different area of expansion. The shorter length is designed to allow even the busiest person the opportunity to experience a guided meditation.


Listen to Track 7: Blank Canvas