The Crooked Crone & Other Mystifications

written by Julie L. Kusma

Three sisters, all witches, are forced to end their decades-long estrangement after one of them, the Crone, turns on a former classmate, and her actions lure her dark-souled sister to her location and threaten the rising of a dark trinity of supernatural powers.

Their eldest sister, aware of the emerging darkness, transports Annie, a teenage girl who has sought her help, to The Crooked Crone shop to stop the wickedness. When the two sisters reunite, their powers merge into a mystical beacon.

A mermaid turned siren- an Egyptian queen resurrected- a possession- a school of angry haints, a time walker, three witches verging on the edge of darkness, and a teenage girl with supernatural powers of her own: The Crooked Crone & Other Mystifications takes you on a magical journey through the unknown.