About Me

Exploring the Enigmatic Realms: Unveiling Julie Kusma’s Artistry

Step into a world where words become portals, and imagination reigns supreme. I am Julie Kusma—an alchemist of stories, a weaver of dreams, and a seeker of the mysteries that dwell within the human experience. Welcome to this mysterious enclave, where the boundaries of reality blur, and the symphony of thought and emotion resounds.

Crafting Dimensions in Prose

As an author, my quill dances across a diverse array of genres and forms. From the intricate tapestries of speculative fiction to the tender strokes of children’s tales, from the profound echoes of inspirational tomes to the wisdom-laden pages of educational works, my words traverse the spectrum of human expression. In my literary laboratory, psychology and philosophy converge with vibrant creativity, imprinting themselves onto each story and thought I commit to paper.

Whispers of the Unseen

Evoke the shadows of my stories through sound with my haunting audio tales. On my YouTube channel, ethereal whispers bring life to my paranormal and horror stories, as well as a handful of poetic gems. Let the cadence of my voice transport you to realms where the ordinary fractures, revealing the extraordinary beneath.

Ascending the Throne of Shadows

In 2020, my fellow literary voyagers bestowed upon me the title of the “Queen of Horror,” an honor that resonates deeply within my ink-stained heart. This recognition celebrated the essence of my work, the interplay of darkness and light that defines the human psyche. In 2021 on my YouTube channel, I unveiled “The Devil’s Scribe,” a short tale that encapsulates the birth of my journey as a mistress of macabre narratives.

Weaving Knowledge into Imagination

My academic pursuits mirror my literary tapestry, with threads of knowledge intricately woven into my creations. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, a Master of Science in Health Education, and a Master of Art in English, Creative Writing, and Fiction, I delve into the mind-body-spirit connection that shapes our human existence. The intricate layers of our strengths and vulnerabilities, as well as the enigmatic realm of the Jungian Shadow, fuel my exploration.

Guardian of Literary Realms

Among my affiliations, I find a sense of kinship with kindred spirits who traverse the landscapes of the mind. I am a proud member of the WriteWords UK, Horror Authors Guild (HAG) and the esteemed Horror Writers Association (HWA). My connection to the Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society, National Society of Leadership and Success, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society, and the Golden Key International Honor Society further deepens my commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and creative expression.

Join Me on this Mystic Voyage

As you navigate these pages, remember that each word, each pause, and each shadow holds a key to a new revelation. I invite you to follow the twists and turns of my narrative labyrinth, to embrace the enigma of existence, and to savor the eloquent symphony of thought. Together, let us embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, embracing the intricacies of what it means to be human.

With quill and heart intertwined,

Julie Kusma
Queen of Mysteries and Weaver of Words

Message from the author: 

No matter what medium art takes; canvas, clay, or words on paper, the message isn’t so much what it means to the artist, but rather what the piece says to the observer. I hope my work speaks to you. – Julie

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