Authentically Dead

Authentically Dead, a supernatural, dark humor YA novel set in the idyllic town of Pine Port, where Kelsey was on the cusp of realizing her dreams. In weeks, she’d clasp her high school diploma and beauty license. Or so she thought, until her life took a supernatural detour, far removed from the ordinary path she’d envisioned before she stumbled upon her extraordinary ability—she could authentically hear and see the deceased as if they were still living.

This wasn’t what she had hoped for and certainly not the kind of beauty treatment she had in mind. Juggling the intricacies of the living was already a challenge, and now with her power to commune with the dearly departed, she unexpectedly found herself on a mission to help the dead unearth their authentic selves as the local undertaker’s quirky assistant.

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Amidst a cast of eccentric characters, surprising friendships, and a generous dose of supernatural dark humor, Kelsey deftly navigated the realms of the living and the not-so-living in hilarious escapades as she struggled to keep her sanity and her sense of humor intact.

The burning question remained: Could Kelsey successfully graduate high school while straddling the realms of the living and the dead? Would she ever find her place in a world where the living and the departed collided in the most unpredictable ways? Discover the answers in “Authentically Dead,” a hair-raising, side-splitting supernatural adventure that will leave you in stitches and rooting for Kelsey every step of the way.

From the first few lines, I was hooked on this story and simply couldn’t put it down. Award winning Author Julie, weaves her magical tapestry of words once more. This time in a wonderful tale on the importance of not giving up, and seeking your own path and inspiration. It’s a truly uplifting, fun read with easily relatable characters and a heartwarming message. 5 Stars!

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