Our Planets: Moons, Myths, & More

by Julie L. Kusma and Derek R. King

From the first page to the last, Our Planets takes you on a journey through our magnificent Universe. Our Planets offers a fun way to learn and explore the solar system. As you flip through each page, dare to imagine the beauty that each celestial object provides.

Your first stop on this planetary voyage will be in the Milky Way Galaxy, where you will observe unique constellations and other galactic objects.

You’ll be guided through the solar system, where you’ll be introduced to the different types of planets. Each planet is unique in its composition; some may be uninhabitable, while others may suggest the possibility of life.

Next, you’ll meet past and present astronomers and what they are most famous for.

At the end of your glorious planetary journey, you’ll find coloring book pages, a board game, and a passport game. Links to additional learning resources are also provided.