HONEY Words to Heal & Mend

Honey Words to Heal and Mend

From author-poets Julie L. Kusma and Derek R. King, comes a collection of art inspired by Kintsugi and Wabi-Sabi coupled with their honey words to heal and mend your heart and soul.

“A golden, enriching symphony of artistic expression for the renaissance of the soul.” 

Lali A. Love
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“This coffee table book is a magnificent collaboration of artwork and poetry, a treasure trove of creativity, and an infusion of love’s illumination. Each page drips with healing golden pools of restorative emotions and uplifting chanson of harmonic beauty, transcending and unifying the fragments within. We all need this inspirational sparkle in our lives.

A truly magnificent gift by Derek R. King & Julie L. Kusma. Do your soul a favor, and reward yourself with some Honey: Words to Heal & Mend. An exquisite coffee table book that adorns any room as well as the spirit.”

Blessings of Joy,

Lali A. Love


“I feel as though I floated through a spiritual journey of healing in this masterpiece by Derek King and Julie Kusma. Their “Honey Words” are a golden milky way to the soul.

Jill Yoder, Editor