Between Friends

Part One by Julie Kusma

Don’t think it strange I’ve left you this letter, but the first two days without you were terrible. I understand. Our lives are busy, and we usually play phone tag when we try to reach each other. I’m sure I would miss you if I had a signal and tried to call. I wanted to celebrate with you.

I do, however, appreciate you leaving word in town. Mrs. Buckley was more than happy to inform me you would not be joining me. She went on to ask a million questions like how we knew each other and why we purchased the old Strangler place. I, of course, divulged nothing, not that there’s anything to tell. I just don’t like the third-degree treatment of some old busybody. I know, I know, I can hear you now. We purposely chose a small town. Quaint. Friendly. What we both were searching for, and you’re right, Pierre is the perfect place.


Part Two by Jill Yoder

Are we ever going to come together in the same place? It seems as though life is playing ping-pong with us. Anyhow, even though you had to cancel your trip to Pierre this time, I decided to keep my scheduled vacation and explore our “home away from home.” I figure I’ll fill you in on my stay. I’m going to write something every day while I’m here—you know, the most exciting things.

You’ll never guess what happened to me as I drove my rental car from the airport to our fabulous cottage. Yep. I got a flat tire. Can you believe that? I wasn’t far from town, and someone stopped to help me change the tire. His name was Nick—sexy Nick, as I’ve now dubbed him. Oh, and his last name is Buckley. Sexy Nick is Mrs. Buckley’s nephew—talk about a small town.