Between Friends

Part One by Julie Kusma

Don’t think it strange I’ve left you this letter, but the first two days without you were terrible. I understand. Our lives are busy, and we usually play phone tag when we try to reach each other. I’m sure I would miss you if I had a signal and tried to call. I wanted to celebrate with you.

I do, however, appreciate you leaving word in town. Mrs. Buckley was more than happy to inform me you would not be joining me. She went on to ask a million questions like how we knew each other and why we purchased the old Strangler place. I, of course, divulged nothing, not that there’s anything to tell. I just don’t like the third-degree treatment of some old busybody. I know, I know, I can hear you now. We purposely chose a small town. Quaint. Friendly. What we both were searching for, and you’re right, Pierre is the perfect place.