The Darker Half, Volume 13

The Darker Half, the first in a new series by Derek R. King and the Queen of Horror, Julie L. Kusma is a collection of gothic All Hallows’ poetry. The timbre of each piece flows from dark humor to the macabre with many twists along the way. Presented in a bespoke format with each poem accompanied by its own unique art reminiscent of the woodblock style.

Lali ™️ rated it- it was amazing

A Thrilling, Whimsical Feast for All Ages!

The Darker Half is a sensational collection of inspiring poems by Derek R. King & Julie L. Kusma. The artwork and illustrations of darkness exhibit a gothic style reminiscent of “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. The poetic symmetry imbues the tone with a frightful atmosphere of Halloween on a cool misty night. If you enjoy relishing in black magic creations, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, embellishing your décor with spooky ambiance, and indulging in a world of fear, this poetry book is for you!

The Welcome excerpt sets the vibe brilliantly for the heightened experience of trepidation:

“On All Hallows’ Eve when darkness descends the spirits rise to make amends. Grotesque they are reflecting your fears for you are their horrors stay well clear.”

A playful journey of dualities into the shadows with brilliant, rhythmical, mesmerizing, and riveting poetry. I highly recommended this collection for the entire family to enjoy around the fire in lieu of ghost stories.

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Dark Poetry by two amazing authors! Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2021

If you love darker poetry you are going to love this book. Masterfully crafted poetry with dark themes will haunt you and leave you breathless over the beauty in the darkness. Don’t miss this one!

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